Artist Statement

To me, memories are like windows. Just like the glass panels of a window, I believe that a barrier exists between my physical self and my conscious mind. I use my art as a way to channel my own memories, to create something that my physical self can connect with. The process in which I create my work is just as important as the work itself. Most of my work is based off of photography, a medium which I find crucial to preserving my own memories. l believe that the places I photograph preserve moments in time, thus there is a strong resonance between myself and the images of these landscapes. I use painting and small scale collages as a way to reconstruct these past experiences. With each brush stroke and cut of paper I am reliving my memories. The reconstruction reflects my emotional state during the time the original photograph was taken. I often combine multiple images that I feel convey the same emotion. For me, this is a way to process the sentiment that they hold.